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Trouble with links connecting to CMS pages

I’m a beginner and am setting up a site where the main page has 4 photos each of which will link to 4 pages of the different types of carvings I make (Shorebirds, Decoys, Weathervanes and Folk Art). The photos are all set up on the main page but they will not link to the 4 corresponding pages of photos.

I believe this is the read-only link: If it is not someone please let me know.

This not the read-only link.
Here you can find how to get a read-only link in webflow.

Thank you - found it and will try again. We are having trouble with having links in photos going to the right places. Been working on this template a long time but we are almost ready to publish if we can figure how to fix the links. Thanks again for the help.

you are welcome, PLease share the read-only link, And I will try to help you.

Hi Muhammad,
Thank you for your kind offer of help. My wife who is much better with computers than I am was finally able to find out what she needed to do to make the links work. I looks like we will finally be able to publish as soon as we figure out some minor details. Thanks again.

Hi Jay,

No problem, if you need any assistance just hit me I will try my best.


Thanks Muhammad,
Will do.