Can you link to a Section or an Anchor ID on another page?

Hello again,

I have read a few other posts on this topic, but as I am a novice with webflow and general web designing, I am struggling to understand how to do this.

I have a a nav link located at the top of my page. I use this link on all my pages. I want it to navigate to the bottom of my home page, but I am unable to find a way for this to work from all pages.

If this can be done, I would appreciate someone explaining to me ( in simple terms) how to do so.

thank you :smile:


Type your url and make it finish by /page#section ie /index.html#how-it-works


Hi Vincent,

thank you for your reply.

Where do I find the section name? is the unique ID, the section class, or something else?

Sorry for all the questions.

many thanks :smile:

the section name is the unique ID yes :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help Vincent :smile:

Anytime, and don’t forget to come back and share what you’ve achieve with webflow :slight_smile:

this is it so far, but I am struggling with the linking still. I am definitely doing something wrong somewhere, its just going to take some time for me to get the hang of it. :person_frowning:

what is the link you want to make work and where do you want it to point?

Hi Vincent, its been sorted.

thanks for your help :smile:


It’s quite an old post but I’m adding a reply since I have a similar yet another problem here.

What is the exact format for the in-page link here?
I read the comments above @vincent and tried to do the same, but it doesn’t work.
The page I’m trying to link is the homepage, so it’s page name will be “index.html”.
So I put the “/page#section” in Link Settings>URL field and it goes like this
: “/index.html#portfolio”
And the result is it keeps directing me to an error page (page not found).
What will be the problem?
I tried in many other ways such as getting rid of the “.html” and so on.
And all of them went wrong.

I’d be really appreciate if any of you guys help me here.


Hi can you try ?