Trouble with Form on IE 11


I have problem with forms on custom domain. On webflow doiman everything works fine (form is at the bottom of the site) but on custom domain form don’t send data. Do you have any clue?

Problem appears only in Internet Explorer 11.

I am able to send your form

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and you use IE 11? in other browsers there is no problem

Yes, IE 11 is fine too. There should not be any difference. Could you see if there are any browser plugins interfering with the page?

I’m getting 304 error code. I have no addons or plugins.

@cyberdave Could you see if it’s an AJAX caching issue?

@Sebastian_Switek Although the form doesn’t look like it’s sent, did the form submission appear in the Site Dashboard > Forms? Are there any errors in the console tab (second tab) that you can screenshot for us?

There is no data in dashboard>forms. One more thing after I click button on the form, site is refreshing and site url is

@Sebastian_Switek A 304 response just means the page hasn’t changed since the last time the browser asked for it, so it seems to be a caching thing. See if you can flush your cache or disable it in the debugger you’ve got open.

I find the bug. When site uses domain … (intranet settings) IE set default emulation to IE 7 when it goes with webflow domain emulation is set to IE 11. Guys @campmdabt @samliew thx for your time and effort!

Now I’m fighting with how to disable emulation, adding meta code in first line on head custom code section don’t solves the problem.

<meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="IE=EDGE" />

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