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Form validation issues

Hi guys,

I have a problem and I’ve been stuck with it.

Have made a website for a friend And the Form validation doesn’t work.

I want to make sure The emails are send to his mail but it doesn’t work.

What am I doing wrong?

His domain is Registered at, and is

If necessary I will put in some php code.

Can anyone help me please friendly greets Jan.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])


Hi @Jan_Otte,

I have just submitted a test submission and everything went through just fine.

What data are you submitting?

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Hi Brandon,
I am just submitting normal data:
name, phone_number, date of birth, …

1: Is it a problem that i don’t use the Recaptcha tool to verify ?
I couldn’t complete the process with the client’s domain.

2: I downloaded the zip file to host it manually on the client’s domain name.
The problem must be there because on the: It looks like it is working.
But on his domain:
The mail function got broken.
please get me some help. :smile:
Thanks in advance
Best Regards,
Jan Otte


Did you export your clients site and host it on your own hosting service? If this is the case, then that is your answer. Webflow forms do not work on anything other than Webflow. Thats is why it works on and not the domain. You will need to use your own form system instead of Webflow’s to receive the submissions.

@webdev which one do you always suggest for this?

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Been very satisfied with Basin. Easy to deply, good anti-spam features.

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@webdev Jeff,

Thanks so much for the suggestion. I couldnt remember that, appreciate you responding.


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