Trouble with deleting CMS Collection Page

I am struggling to delete 2 CMS Collection pages. One is directly linked through a reference, because of this I have tried deleting the reference but it says the reference needed bindings. How do I resolve this? Plz help

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Unbind the collection lists before you delete the collection.

I have just done this but, this message on the top right still pops up.

And what happens when you click view connections?

This - Here’s where your site uses this Collection. You can remove any connections you need to, but note that this may affect your visual design and code embeds. It also can’t be undone, short of restoring a backup.

You have everything you need. Remove those connections, and you can Delete the Collection. the Page will go with it.

By the way, I really appreciate you helping me! This pops up when I try to do it and I don’t know what else to do.

Click view connections, and then disconnect each of the connections.

The message picture above is what pops up when I attempt to disconnect the final connection that is left.

Strange message, you’re not deleting a field, you’re just removing the connection.
It would make sense if you were trying to delete a field.

One thing I’ve found is that I sometimes have to remove a few connections, then save, republish, then unlink a few more. Most especially when the links are complex.

Other than that, you should just message webflow support for help, no one else can see what you’re seeing in the connections window.