Trouble Implementing Tuesday CSS library

I’m trying to use Tuesday CSS in my designs, I put the link to the CDN file in my custom code section, used the classes in my website, published it, and…Nothing. Can someone help me? Has anyone else been successful with Tuesday CSS or another CSS library via CDN?

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Could you click the “(how to access public share link)” link below your post and follow the instructions?

The bolded LINK in your post is NOT magic, and you have to edit and insert the public share link.

Also, you seem to be missing the link in your post to the mentioned library/CDN.

Try to read your post before posting. Ask yourself how could another person help you with your project when there is no information about it?

Here is the Tuesday link

And here is a link to the project I tried it on.

Thank you for the links. There is no such thing as “general” question because each project, third party library, and implementation may vary. We do not want to make wild guesses as to what you are actually stuck with.

In the source of your website, the only place you tried to use it here on this container in the navbar

<div class="dj-shalone navbar w-nav">
    <div class="animated tdfadein w-container">

However, a quick glance at the available classnames here, you see that Webflow generated HTML converts classnames to lowercase, which is different to what you need to use. I.e.: you are using tdfadein instead of tdFadeIn

Therefore, you cannot use this plugin with Webflow, unless you convert the design to custom code.

Thanks. I thought that was the problem but wasn’t sure. I will try to convert the class names to lower case and see what happens.

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