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Trouble editing grid elements in a symbol

I’m still having trouble editing symbols with grid. when I move from desktop to mobile I can’t edit the elements, when I try to drag an element to another grid section it drops it out side of the symbol

the work around is to unlink the symbol make the edits then make a new symbol and replace it everywhere which basically breaks a lot of the benefit of working with a symbol

@Peter_Eller oh wow thank you for reporting this bug. Our team is on it, but for now, I have a few workarounds for you that might work better than “unlinking the symbol”.

  1. Use the positioning inputs in the styles panel to move an item around. The numbers refer to the column and row numbers

  2. You can also span the item so that it moves to the position you want

Both workarounds are not the best. We’ll let you know when we fix this as soon as we know.

thats excellent thanks!

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Hi @Peter_Eller. Looks like that symbols dragging problem was actually impacting all symbols with or without grid. We did ship a fix for the issue. Try it and let us know how it’s working out for you.

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yes its working now!

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