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New grid interfering with old grid

All the grid elements are now mixed up with the new Grid 2.0

and the preview site now with grid 2.0

Thanks for reporting this @Craig_Thomas. I suspect the symbol is part of the issue and have brought it up to the team.

The fix, for the footer symbol, is pretty simple. Just adjust the span of a couple elements and reorder the social icons div. I recorded a video to show what to do.

Do you have any other grids on this site that are messed up? If so let me know which pages to look at. Thanks and hope this helps.

Thank you for your quick reply @matthewpmunger. Will change all that thank you.

I had another problem which is not grid related. I did put up a post but no replies.

On this website on the about page there are rollovers on the images of the profile pictures. They work on everything but iphone safari. Any idea why.

Thank you

Hey @Craig_Thomas on the mobile breakpoint, you’ll need to disable the hover interaction, duplicate the animation, and apply it to a new click/tap interaction. Make sure to adjust your trigger settings accordingly.


Hope that helps.

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