Trouble Duplicating Pages & Sections

Hi there,
My client (dermatologist) has 3 new providers onboarding, and I have been working on adding them to the Doctors & Specialists page. First, I duplicated another provider’s section for each of them, then duplicated jump links to those sections. However, the jump links are not firing, and I’m not sure why… ps: Webflow newb alert.

I also need to create individual pages for 2 of them. I duplicated one doc’s existing page and began swapping out the header and bio photos. However, this also changed the photos on the original doc’s page. :frowning:

Please help? Videos/visuals would be super amazing!

Thank you so much!

Here is my site Read-Only:

From what I can see you need to add “j.” infront of Josh Shapiro href link to take you to his jump spot. also Kaveri Korgavkar id needs to be “Korgavkar” on the nested wrapper not the row.
<a href="#shapiro" data-w-id="780c4d1f-699d-19fe-e881-73459dccbb72" class="jump---link">JOSH SHAPIRO, PA</a>
needs to be replaced with:
<a href="#j.Shapiro" data-w-id="780c4d1f-699d-19fe-e881-73459dccbb72" class="jump---link">JOSH SHAPIRO, PA</a>

I found that the jump link for Josh was not scrolling down the page like the others. So I changed the ID to jshapiro as well changed the jump link to a normal link then back to a jump link with the new ID and it seemed to scroll smoothly. Might be a glitch but that fixed it.