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Page Jump Links to Wrong Link

I have a side nav bar that should jump from section to section. I’ve followed the example of a shared site, and as far as I can tell it should be behaving correctly. However, as you can see, section two doesn’t do anything. Section three jumps to two. Four jumps to three. I assume it’s jumping to the bottom of the section, but I can’t find anywhere in the settings where my site is different from the example site.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @istservice,

I saw the issue where clicking on the 3rd circle was going to the 2nd section instead of the assigned 3rd section and so on. I was able to fix the issue by removing the Navbar element and using a normal div to wrap the circle link buttons. Then re-used the navigation-bar class and changed the display to vertical centered flex box. The all of the page section links worked correctly for me.



Worked great. Thanks!

My pleasure. Happy designing.