Trigger interaction from link from inside footer component


I have created a preferences modal for cookies . I don’t like the way the manager button is always on screen so I would like to link to the modal from link text in the footer nav. The problem I’m having is that the footer is a component and when I add a trigger to the link text, it states it only allows interactions with elements inside the component. Is the only way to set this up by detaching the footer from the component or is there another way?

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I may not have understood your question, anyway you can edit the component by double-clicking on it, or clicking on the pencil icon for editing, as you can see in the attached video clip. Hope it helps

I can’t watch Moshe’s video here, so he may have covered this- but the first thing I’d try is moving your interactions target into your Footer component. That seems simplest.

If for some reason that is not possible, you can setup a click interaction trigger and then in your footer you can trigger that click event using javascript. It will trigger the interaction even if the button itself is not visible.

Ah yes, I will try that. I guess there is no reason why it can’t be in there. Makes sense. Thank you.

Thanks for your reply. It was how to trigger an action from inside the footer because when I’m inside the footer which is a component, I can only target elements which are also inside. I think memetician’s solution might work.