Link a button to a popup modal with unlimited taps

Hi, I’m new to Webflow and unfamiliar with coding, but loving that I can create something here :slight_smile:

I just finished our website: Nova Money but I have a problem with the “download the app” button.

I created a popup for visitors to choose the AppStore or PlayStore link, but I don’t know how to link the button to the popup modal. Right now I just created an element trigger, but it only allows me to create an action for 2 taps, and as you can see from the website after tapping twice the modal doesn’t work anymore.

Oddly as well, when I tap on a mobile the width of the website no longer follows the browser’s width (there is white space on either side), but when I launch the website for the first time, it works as intended.

Would appreciate any help; feedback on the website is also greatly welcome!

The community will need your share link to review how you’ve set it up.
How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Also, trying to understand the need to have a popup when you already have the buttons to the app stores already visible on the page. Seem unnecessary, as it’s currently presented.

Thanks for the reply! Indeed it seems unnecessary to have the button when the store buttons are already there. I suppose I’ll keep the popup for the button on the Pricing section though.

Here’s the share link

A few more notes;

For the modal interaction, you’d only want to define the first button click to open the modal. You don’t need a second click and it would just confuse the interactions state tracker.

You can use a modal for this however generally an auto-detect can work better. I’d usually set this up so that the “install app” page is its own separate thing with all of the install options. Then on your install CTA’s, you’d auto-detect the device. For iOS devices you’d automatically install the App Store version. For Android you’d use Google Play. For anything else, you’d redirect them to the /install page so that they can pick the appropriate one.

The modal approach can work of course, it’s just an extra step and additional complexity that isn’t needed in most cases.

Your margins problem sounds like an unrelated issue entirely, and it’s why in most cases I’d lean away from modals anyway ( for most situations )

Thanks! I did a reset of the animation triggers and removed the 2nd click interaction and it works well now! I realised one other issue is whenever I “show” a modal block to make some changes, the trigger on the CTA button breaks when I hide the modal block again. I have to reset the CTA trigger every time.

Will explore the auto-detect option at some point, thank you for the advice!