Animation trigger for CMS specific divs

Hi all,

I’m having trouble with activating an animation when someone hovers over a CMS item.

The animation works when “all elements with this class” is set, but this activates the animation for all CMS items in this section and I do not want that. Setting the animation to “children with this class” should in theory solve that issue but seems to not work.

User hovers over “View” and a dropdown div appears with a short description, but appears to work only when animation class is set to “All Elements” but that would mean it drops all the divs down when on hover.

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Hi Steven, I applied hove animation on Latest grid item grid as an element and then changed whats new on hover timed animation’s affect to only childern with this class and its working fine as you want.

But the animation is only suppose to activate when user hovers over the Button Link div. Like shown on first post.

Okay, I tried your solution and that seems to have worked, can you explain why I have to set that up the way you explained it?

I think view button is unable to trigger animation for items one at a time because its not parent of “Hover description class” similarly other 2 options such as sibling with this class and parents with this class won’t work as the button is neither a sibling of “Hover description class” nor its child of “Hover description class”. Only option left is All elements one which it can easily trigger as no relationship involved.

Hope I didn’t confuse you further haha

That seems so odd, I feel like this wasn’t an issue when I did the Child class for the Nav bar Mega Menu for example, where I used the same animation for different links, when I did all elements, it activated all animations within that parent, so doing child was what fixed it haha…

I still have trouble understanding those concepts haha.

Its a fact actually, if you hover over any of the choices a tooltip appears which says " Action will affect only the elements inside the interaction trigger "