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Trigger a lightbox from text link within a list

I’m hoping to find a solution to open a lightbox from a text link. Considering the link is within a list, the setback seems to be that I can’t add a lightbox.

Ideally, I’d like for someone to visit the site, click one of the links (in this case Live Music), and have that open a lightbox containing a slider to view all images. Is this doable? Or am I better off trying to create a div with all text links within the div and trigger a lightbox from a text link?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Here is my Read-Only site.

Probably not the cleanest approach at all, but could you absolutely position a lightbox element with no background image, of fixed dimensions (i.e. just covering your text), over the list item you want to trigger it?

I’m not too sure I’m quite following what you meant. However I was able to come up with a fix:
Create a container, and instead of a list place div blocks, place a lightbox link in each div and put a text box instead of image thumbnail to trigger the lightbox. :slight_smile: