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Lightbox triggered by <a> link inside text paragraph


I have a paragraph of text with multiple <a> links in each sentence. I want each link to trigger a lightbox with a YT video or an image (and preferrably would like them connected). Is there a way to do it without messing with custom lightboxes?

Example of a paragraph with multiple links (each of them should trigger some lightbox item):


Is there any way to achieve this using webflow’s lightbox component?

You can use a lightbox link instead of <a> links.

Create a lightbox, add text inside the lightbox link block, then remove the default thumbnail image. Set it to inline block and put it next to your text. You may need to separate your texts into different blocks though, in order to put the lightbox links in between.


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Thanks! Makes sense, I will try it out soon.

It works, but I’m losing the ability to work with text properly: instead of per-word text wrapping i now have per-block wrapping, that means if i have long block of plain text and long link they can’t stay on the same line.

I guess then I’ll have to avoid lightboxes for now :frowning:

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