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Is there a way to have a light box link pop up off a txt link?

Hey Guys,

Im wondering does anyone know if you can have a a light box link pop up off a txt link?

So you click on a txt link and it would pop up a light box video or image?

Hi @mattmcs!

Yup you can definitely do this. Have you used the Lightbox widget within Webflow? Here’s a demo here:

Basically, the defaulted image that you get when you add the Lightbox, can be replaced with a Text Block too. So:

  • Drag in the Lightbox widget
  • Drag a Text Block into the Lightbox wrapper
  • Delete the defaulted image (unless you want to keep it)
  • Style the text block how you like!
  • In the Settings Panel for the Lightbox, you can add images and videos that will be seen when the user clicks on the text block.

Let me know if this helps!


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This solution helps for just straight up making a lightbox link that happens to be text. But what about inline text in a full paragraph? Can you link off of a single word or phrase within a paragraph to have a lightbox experience? It’s really weird how important in-paragraph links are, and how WebFlow seems to think that no one ever uses them—so the tools are embarrassingly weak or actually non-existent.

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I’m looking for the same solution: inline text link to a Lightbox. I have utilized numerous modal boxes (which aren’t a widget, but a workaround) but the implementation gets convoluted as the various modal boxes require adding custom code on the Custom Code tab on the Dashboard. That means, when published, every page gets the additional code, whether it needs it or not. And with some modal boxes styled differently, that means more code tucked onto every page.

First post - loving Webflow and the support available in various forms.

This is the first stumbling block I’ve not been able to resolve myself…

Rather than the text block as described above, I’d really like to have a couple of buttons that link to different lightboxes, is that possible or will I need to start learning custom interactions to do that?

Many thanks!

That is exactly what I was searching for thanks.
But would you know if its possible to get the image to show in the lightbox from a dynamic list? I am already getting the text with the link from a dynamic list with no problems.