Translate Language & Currency

Some info - We’re using Webflow to build the design, then using Shopify buttons to add to products.

How can I set our Webflow website to automatically translate the language (and currency) based on where the user is visiting from?

We have some manually entered prices on static pages as well, so how can we go about getting these converted depending on where that user is based?

For example, if we have £250 written for someone in the UK, we’d need this to show $281.68 (or whatever the conversion would be) for someone in the US.

This is the last big step before we can go live, so any help would be massively appreciated!

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Bump (sorry) anyone?

I’d hate to think we invested in Webflow and spent three weeks building a website for this not to be possible :see_no_evil:

This can’t be done natively in Webflow, but you could use something like this:

Hi there! If you want to allow multi-language and multi-currency setting on your website, you may need to look into third party tools.

Or you can duplicate your site, and running multiple sites serving different domains with different language&currency. It also provides you the best flexibility to control differences on products, prices, shipping costs etc. across markets.

Among multiple sites, to increaser customer conversion rate, you could auto direct your visitors to correct URLs(showing their local currency&language) based on their locations. For example, you may check Geo Redirect tool. It detects your website visitors locations by IP and auto direct them. You can easily set up redirecting rules within a few steps. No code is necessary. The service will generate the Javascript code for you to add to your site. Webflow platform is perfectly supported.

Hope it helps!