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E-commerce currency switch by Geo-Ip

Hi all,

I’m currently in the process of moving from Wordpress (Woocomerce) to Webflow. However, my customers are located in many different countries so it is really important for me to show the price in the local currency. So if someone will visit the website from London, I want customers to see prices in Pounds. If someone visit from France I want the person to see prices in Euro etc. Right now, I’m doing it with Woocomerce and that work pretty well. I know this is not part of the Webflow Ecommerce feature right now, but does someone already had this issue and found out a solution? Any help will be much appreciated.

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Hi there,

I am facing exactly the same issue here and would appreciate if someone explains if there has been a solution found for this already.


Hi there!

Here is a GeoIP service worth checking out: GEO Targetly.
It can identify your visitors’ locations, like country, state, city by IP using IP geolocation technologies.

Its particular tool, GEO Redirect, can auto direct visitors to different URLs based on locations. For example,, It can display US, Canadian currencies accordingly on different URL webpages.

The tools are easy to set. No coding is necessary.

Hope it help!

Hi all.
Josh from Foxy here. As far as I know, multi-currency isn’t available with Webflow Ecommerce yet:

That said, it is possible with Foxy + Webflow. More info about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here:

Please let us know if we can help you get started.