Transfer a LIVE site that is already connected to a custom domain


I built out two Webflow sites for a client. They are currently hosted on my account with a CMS Plan each, and they are also live with their own custom domains.

I have to transfer the sites to their Webflow account today. I will be duplicating each site, keeping the dupes on hand just in case, and will be transfering them the originals to keep form settings and other things intact. My worry is the custom domains. Will they have to go into the DNS settings again to re-attach the custom domains? Or will the custom domains be connected to the sites?

I know they’ll have to re-purchase the CMS hosting plan.

Is there a way to transfer the sites to their account, so that they remains live with the custom domains still attached? Would having them invite me into their Workspace be a solution, and then I transfer the original site into that Workspace?

Help is much appreciated, thank you!

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I did it this way:

  1. Doing it at night time when no one will visit the site.
  2. If you want duplicate the Website in your Workspace and then transfer it simply to their Workspace.
  3. Then just buy the CMS plan and connect the custom domain, it will connect automatically because the DNS records are already set. (don’t forget to remove the custom domain on your workspace site)

I think there is no way around that like this the sites will be offline for 1 minute, I’m not aware of another possibility

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