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Tracking E-commerce with Google Analytics & Paypal

Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask a quick question about integrating e-commerce tracking using Webflow and Google Analytics

Have you been able to track purchases and conversions of customers who have visited your website?

If so how did you do it?

AND if I’m using Paypal as a third party to process payments, how would I be able to track that using Webflow?

I’m currently tracking it manually after customers have purchased using Paypal and an excel spreadsheet which is extremely tedious. Surely there must be a quicker and easier way.

Here’s the link to the website and code if it helps:

Any help would be really appreciated.


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Hello @norvin_mago

I was able to do that with both of these sites & by utilizing as a shopping cart integrated with Webflow. You can see more documentation on it Here. has step by step integration documentation on how to integrate advanced analytics.
However setting up simple Ecommerce tracking is as simple as checking a switch in the admin settings of your back-end, once you place a few lines of code on your website and have foxy set-up. This set-up will track transactions, product category, etc…

By using integrated into Webflow you can use Paypal directly set-up through @foxy to accept payments. When setting up a check-out funnel inside of Google Analytics you can use Paypal
check out links to track when a user finishes a conversion outside of your site inside of the Paypal portal.
I suggest setting up a Paypal sandbox account to test your funnel.

You can also use a site like to set-up a funnel, heat maps, polls, and more for your site.

Let me know if you need any more help :slight_smile:

  • Scott

Amazing! Thanks for your answer Scott.

I’ll be looking into


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Anytime, PM me if you need anything else.

  • Scott

@Scott_Van_Zandt Thanks for recommending Foxy and great work as always!

@norvin_mago Definitely let us know if you need anything at all. For what it’s worth we’re a PayPal Gold Partner. Also, along with accepting PayPal on your checkout page, you can tie into nearly 100 other payment gateways and alternate payment methods.


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