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Facebook Pixel and Foxy Checkout

hi people,
so now i am experimenting with webflow+foxy. this could be a good solution for me, but a very crucial aspect would be for me: what’s about the tracking?

i will install for example the facebook pixel in webflow to track the activies of my visitors, but what if they actually buy something - this will happen through foxy - whats about the data?

will it be automatically processed by webflow and send to facebook? or must i do something additional?

thanks and cheers

Hi @danyalxy.
We’ve already assisted you via our forum, but just in case, here is the answer to your questions:

It is possible to add the Facebook Pixel to your Foxy store, we have some instructions for achieving that on our wiki here.

This will just add the pixel for the checkout flow though. You will also need to add it to your own website, which you should be fine to do in Webflow without the Webflow Ecommerce plan. It should just be a case of adding it to the custom footer for your Webflow site.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.


i love how you really help your (potential) customers. please keep this up. i will keep experimenting now and develope my store step by step. thanks!

Hi @danyalxy.
Thank you for your feedback. We love helping users! Let us know if you need anything.


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hey here is one new queston to this topic just camed up last night:
whats about paypal-checkout? especially the paypal-express-checkout-button.
when i install the facebook pixel in foxy - and the customer chooses to check out directly from my product page via pay pal express - will this be tracked by the pixel? this click on the paypal-button. and what is after that, when the customer leaves my page and continues on paypal…