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Tooltip on hover?

Hi there!
Is there a way to easily create a tootlip that shows up when hovering an element?
I am surprised that Webflow doesn’t have this useful component.

Thanks in advance

Hello @gtc :wave: Welcome to the Webflow community :slight_smile:

You can create a small browser tooltip with a custom attribute, which is really easy inside of Webflow, here’s a GIF to show you… this may not be visible on all browsers, so you may need to check.


or you can create more interactive tooltips using interactions, to which the possibilities are many.

This is a click based tooltip built using interactions, but can be easily changed to appear on hover and go away on hover out. The other great thing is that if you build these components once, you can re-use them on different projects using cross-site copy and paste, or keep them in your own specific styling site to reuse.


You can also check out many of our members pre-made things too, such as where you can copy and paste pre-made components and style them yourself.

Hope this helps

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