How do you create a tooltip on hover

How do you create a tooltip on hover? I would like people to be able to hover over my list of items include in the price and learn more about the features.

Any tips on tooltips?


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Hello @ljgrohn

Check this > recreate the tooltip and you will have the basic knowledge for building different kinds of tooltips.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :blush:

Piter :webflow_heart:


Hey @PiterDimitrov that’s a really long and complex process for a tooltip. I assume there is a much simpler process for a tooltip on regular text?

I’m trying to do tooltips in CMS for my citations/references like Wikipedia does it.

Thanks for any tips.

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@eric594 Here’s what I found after digging around to find an answer to the same question - Tooltips for Webflow - Webflow

:point_right: [Cloneable] Native Webflow Tooltips :point_left:


Dropping this here in case folks are looking for a cloneable or 100% Webflow approach. Hope it helps!

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Nobody with any solution like Wikipedia does it?
I’m searching for a site-wide solution so every link (at least in ever rich-text field) get’s auto tooltip, with title and og-media image.

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Found one! Webflow Showcased | load-content-from-other-pages

Here’s my search - Webflow Showcase Search Results

These don’t seem to work here on Chrome