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"Too Many Redirects" when everything seems to be working

Whatever I’m trying to do to fix it, I always see the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS message… I’m using Google Domains for my website. My Default domain is the “www” and it says that it’s well connected and published, but i still see the same message. See screenshots below. I don’t know what to do:

I see your site so you probably need to clear your browser cache.

Thank you for your quick response, I did clear the browser cache but it still showing the same problem.

Your client dns fetch gets cached as well. You may need to flush that as well. Look up how-to based on your OS and version. You may also be getting bad cached data from your DNS provider. If you don’t know how to deal with that just wait. DNS is refreshed usually within 24 hours.

It’s working now, I just had to wait a little longer after I did clear the cache… Thank you very much!

AAaannnnd now it doesn’t work… haha I don’t know what is going on ,it’s working, then it shows the problem message…

Hello, I did what you said but it still showing the same problem. Now it’s showing a different message and I think it’s from Wordpress, I used wordpress with this domain name before (see screenshot below). I don’t understand how it can show a message from wordpress because nothing is related to it anymore…

DNS issues can be frustrating.

I reviewed your domain’s settings by querying the **Google’s authoritative dns servers assigned to your zone-> **, and they are correct for a site set to SSL on Webflow.

Your www CNAME record points to
Your A records for @ (your domain) point to and

Those settings are the recommended settings by Webflow when SSL is set to ON.

So what could be wrong? DNS records between you and the primary DNS server or client caching. You have to isolate where by using client tools to query DNS and compare results. I suspect your local client or your clients assigned DNS server has cached data or hard coded settings.

It helps when you understand how DNS works; which you can lookup online. Most DNS issues that are temporary, will be corrected when caches are cleared (up to 24-48 hours). Incorrect local settings will persist however.