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Too many redirects on SSL root domain; dnsimple ALIAS record created

Hello Webflowers, first time poster here – hope someone can help!

I have my domain set up with SSL, to serve from both the domain root (e.g. and also www (e.g. My issue is that if I set the root domain as the default I end up with the classic ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error in Chrome.

I get that the usual response is ‘you need a DNS provider which provides CNAME flattening’ as per this article. However, in my case I’m using dnsimple and have an ALIAS record at the root which is pointing towards, which I understand is the correct way of doing things.

So… does anyone have any idea why I’m getting this behaviour, and have any pointers for how I can serve the root domain over SSL as the default without transferring away from dnsimple?

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What is the actual domain name? Without it it’s virtually impossible to debug since I can’t see the real DNS entries.

Thanks for getting back Nathan, it’s

It does not look like the root domain is using the ALIAS record correctly with dnsimple. Currently, it is directly pointed at the “redirect” static IPs ( and which will always redirect to www.$ - regardless of what default domain is set.

I am not entirely familiar with dnsimple, but my hunch is you might have both the A records and the ALIAS records set, and it is only using the A records. Removing them so only the ALIAS record exists may fix things.