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Toggle field based on switch

In my Collection Page, I want a certain field to display “YES” when a switch is toggled on and “NO” when it’s toggled off. I think I have this functionality enabled, but though my navigator shows two div blocks in the appropriate area, it won’t let me see the contents of one to ensure proper formatting or to edit the text. How do I see the contents of both (or even just switch between the two?) When submitting a form it lets me see Form with “success” “failure” and “normal” toggles, but this doesn’t let me see the content for one at all. It defaults to one in the designer and clicking and text block settings give me no help at all.

(please don’t ask to see my project, my boss would not like for me to share it)

You’ll need to share something. Strip out what you need and throw it up on a temporary site so someone can take a look.