How to get a CMS Switch icon to display "no" and "yes" text in the Editor

In the Switch tutorial I see these words being displayed to the side of the toggle. In the designer I see “NO” being displayed appropriately in the black background image to the right showing a view of the Collection Fields. But in the Editor, where it helps Guest Editors understand how to use the Toggle, it does not show up. How to fix?

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Checking in on this. Perhaps the YES or NO next to the switch is no longer a feature of how it works?

Note sure what you’re asking; I’ve never seen a YES or NO next to the switch.
It’s simply gray when off, green when on.


But in the designer, you can set Help text, which will clarify what the switch is for,
e.g. “Switch ON if you want this item to appear on the home page.”


I just wanted to check in on this. Maybe the switch no longer has a YES or NO next to it?