Show Field Based on Switch Status

Is there a way have a field show up if the status switch is set to “on”? I want to show a picture (icon) in a dynamic list div if the status is set to “on”. TIA!

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Hi @msmillie

You could try creating a new ‘Switch’ field and name it On/Off. Then go into the ‘Settings’ tab and under the ‘Filters’ area create a filter and set it to either show or hide a collection based on toggled state. Give it a try. There is a Webflow tutorial that shows how to toggle a featured blog post on or off. I think you can apply the same principals.

I would really like this type of functionality too. I’d like to be able to have a switch, or even a check mark next to a field to choose whether it will display or not. Additonally, I’d love the functionality of displaying certain items, when other items are populated. Say, the title above a section when that optional section is filled.

To further the request/refine discussion, I’m desperately wanting:

  • Switch to show/hide extra fields in the CMS
  • Switch to show hide divs externally on the site