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Tips for beginner

hey reader,

as u may geussed from the title i am new to webflow and i love it!
But the more i progress on my first site the more i feel like im doing it wrong? i feel like the css/htlm (code) will be a mess or something. for example i work alot with % instead of pixels and idk if its good or bad. alot of the problems probably learn and fix on the way. But maybe i can speed the process abit up by asking the ‘‘experienced’’ webflow user if he/she got any tips/tricks.

So do u guys got anything u wish u knew when u started out? or anything els u want to share with me. everything will help

thank you

kind regard,


Hi, maybe you have, but have you seen the incredible Webflow University?
Ton of video’s - about css, html and - of course - Webflow