Px or % for padding and margines? Whats better?

Hello i have been wondering whether % or Px are better to use in terms of responsivness. Im totally new to all the coding and webflow thing so you can call me a noob but I would like to learn as much as possible. I noticed that when I use px once I switch to a different device like a mobile or tablet it all just goes crazy and totally wrong. Is that because of some mistakes i made along the way during the process etc etc or is it because i use px? Sorry for the trouble ;D

Hello @sanies90!

Welcome to Webflow and Web-designers world :wink:

Answer to your question can’t be absolutely straight. Sometimes it is better to use pixels, sometimes %.
For better understanding what to use in which situations, I would suggest to imagine your screen like a box. And every element on the site it is another box, inside this big box. Now, when you want your site to be responsive, imagine that you squeeze the big box and you will understand how your elements (small boxes) will react.

I hope you already went through Webflow video-tutorials courses. If no, this one would be helpful, I think

Hope you will have fun with Webflow :wink:



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