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Ticketweb integration

Hello all -

My client has gone and signed up a TicketWeb account to list their brewery tours on Problem is, they didn’t check with us first! TicketWeb have a WordPress plugin, but that’s about it.

Has anyone had any experience - or better still success - with integrating TicketWeb into a site?

Here’s the (very limited) instructions from TicketWeb on how to install their widget:

The TicketWeb Checkout Widget allows fans to select tickets and complete their purchase directly within your site, providing a streamlined checkout experience. By embedding a simple line of code on your site, any TicketWeb event page link on your site will open within the widget with the background context of your own website.

Setting Up TicketWeb Checkout Widget on Your Website

On your website pages where you would expect to list TicketWeb event links (for example, with the TicketWeb Event Listing API), just simply add the following line of code anywhere before the ““ tag.

script src="//" type=“text/javascript” /
noscript>Your browser does not support JavaScript!</noscript

I’ve taken the first and last “<” and “>” out of the tags in the code snippet above to stop browser parsing

I suspect it’s not as “simple” as their instructions claim it is. We’re only a bit technical here I’m afraid. That’s why we use Webflow! But any insights welcome.

Do ticketweb events have a unique identifier in the embed code? Eventbrite uses an Event ID that is unique to each event and is included in the embed code.

The documentation on ticketweb’s website is pretty non-existent.

I wondered the same thing.

I’m not technical but I have tinkered with code a little bit, and what they’ve supplied seemed too generic - like you say, not even any sort of unique ID.

I think the best approach is to go back to TicketWeb and see if I can get better input. I notice they mention an API. It’s not worded very clearly, but they say add the code before the end body tag, implying that the API is also required, which would make sense, especially without there being any IDs in the widget code.

Secondly, the widget is referred to as a checkout widget - and a checkout is no good without some product listings.

I’ll update here when/if I solve the issue.

In the meantime, if anyone else does have direct experience, then please let me know.

Hi there. I know this is an old thread, but perhaps this is useful for other people that end up here after a Google search.

Here is a write up on how to import and publish TicketWeb events on a WordPress website:

Should work for Webflow users as well.