Can I export code from Eventix to webflow for ticket sales?

My client uses eventix to power his ticket sales and i was wondering if its possible to export the code into my website so he can still use eventix to power his ticket sales?

It depends on what you mean by that. Eventix supports integrations but theres not a native Webflow integration. That means you’ll have to use a tool like Zapier or Make to integrate.

Thanks so much man, i saw some stuff during my own research that supports what you are saying.
How would i go about using Zapier to support a ticket shop section powered by Eventix in a website for my client?

So it actually looks like you can just embed it directly onto the page. See the bottom of To embed, add a Custom Code element on the page(s) you want the ticket shop to show on, and paste the embed code from Eventix.

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Thank you jeojola, ill give it a go and post on this thread if i have any issues.

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