Those recent Editor enhancements... sweeeet!

Today marks the first day I’ve written an entire article in the Webflow editor, quickly and easily, and without needing to use a single 3rd party tool.

  • Quick markdown formatting? ## your way to happiness.
  • Nested lists? Just hit tab.
  • Inline code? Just as easy as bold and italics.
  • Code blocks? That is now a thing in the editor too. I don’t even remember seeing an announcement regarding editor support for this.


No special markup needed for nested lists.
No need to integrate a Gist or to format content specially for Finsweet’s Code Formatter.
No hacked styling around superscripts to style inline code.

I am so pleased.
Awesome work Webflow, this is the stuff I’ll use every single day. :clap:

:partying_face: :tada: :champagne:

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