Display code on your website without writing code & updates to ordered lists

Today, we’re releasing three improvements to the Rich text element and fields.

In December, we released the code block element—a standalone element for displaying code on a page. You can now add code block elements directly into Rich text elements on canvas and in Rich text fields in the CMS.

Continuing on the code train, similar to how you can style a portion of a Rich text field (or element) as bold or italic, you can now also define text as code. Like all other inline formatting, you can style the All code tag to define how you’d like code to appear by default across your site.

Mouse hovers over selected text which appears stylized as code. Above the text, you can see the new code icon allowing users to stylize selected text as code.

Finally, a few (tiny but) mighty updates to lists within Rich text elements and fields. When selecting text in an ordered or unordered item, icons will now allow you to switch the item type. Furthermore, you can now nest an ordered or unordered list by clicking Tab when focused on any item. Clicking Shift + Tab will unnest an item.

Mouse is hovering a newly created item in an unordered list. Appears an icon that would turn that item into an ordered list.

Learn more about Rich text elements on Webflow University.