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I noticed, perhaps it’s because of GDPR, that many websites give you a Cookie warning, and you can either tap to allow it or not to. How would you code that?

When making websites for businesses, I want to follow all of these legal procedures so that the businesses don’t have to pay large fines if they are caught not following the law. I don’t know whether these Cookie warnings are a part of GDPR, it’ll be helpful to know more about this!

Here’s a pic:

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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Here’s a great tool I use on many sites that’s also free. There are various settings, including block cookies, depending on your clients needs, and it’s easy to add the code to Webflow too.

Hope that helps?


Wow! Thank you @magicmark, this is very helpful and exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Have a great weekend!

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