Third party button integration (facebook messenger)

I am trying to figure out how to add a “Go to Messenger” button into my website. I actually use ManyChat to generate the code:

As you can see, I need to embed 2 codes - one into my < head > and one somewhere else. I did the first one. But I am not sure how to use the second one. I’ve tried to add HTML embed to the place where I want my button to be displayed and added a code that they (manyChat) gave me. Like this:

I’ve tried to add this code with and without < style > </ style > tags, but in both cases, when I’ve published the website, I didn’t see anything.

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I have the exact same issue.

The ManyChat / FB Messenger Button doesn’t show despite saving the custom code in the area, and putting the embed code into the Webflow Custom Embed element.

I’ve tried a few things, but nothing happens on the published page after refresh.

Hey @Evgeniy_Kadzin, can you change the title of this thread to “ManyChat Custom Embed Code Not Working”?

Also really curious on this!