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HTML embed with iFrame Help

Hey Community,

I recently started building a landing page chat bot for a startup to collect e-mails of interested people. The chat bot is normally in the bottom right corner of the page. However, the chat bot company, Quiriobot, messaged me saying I can place it anywhere on my page in an iFrame. I have tried a few different things, but none successfully. Wondering if this community can help.

I’m trying to put the chat bot in the “ChatContainer” div. I already have an HTML embed in the “ChatContainer”, but it doesn’t work :frowning:

This is the only information from the chat bot website:

To add (embed) Quriobot to your website, just copy the following code to the bottom of your HTML page (just before the tag)

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

This is what the chat bot company told me:

you could however do some tricks with the Landing page as a centered iFrame that loads the QB with some additional CSS like:


max-width:100% !important;


Here is my share link

Thanks for any help here!!!

Hi @myonke, I took a look at the published site and I am seeing the iframe:

What are you expecting to see? The custom code is only rendered on the published site.

Thanks in advance