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The WebM video format

Hey there.

I’ve recently read this in a blog post :

As technology works by compressing the files, making the overall size of WebM much smaller compared with MP4, WebM videos are much more accessible and files can be downloaded quickly from the internet.

Do you guys recommend the WebM format to display a looping video as a background, more than the Mp4 format.
And would you especially recommend the WebM format if I want to make a website where you can see and download high quality videos?

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If you’re using the Webflow video bg widget, you don’t get to take that decision, and don’t feed it with a Webm file. Feed it with an MP4 as less compressed as you can, under 30mo.

If you’re using HTML5 video with custom code, you get to chose what formats to use. But WebM is not a choice per se. You can’t just decide to use only WebM, because it’s not supported by Internet Explorer nor Safari, so that’s a big no-no.

You HAVE to use Webm though, you actually have to build 3 formats to adress browsers and platforms in the best manner. MP4, WebM and OGG.


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Update 2019: If you are making <video> tags and encoding your own videos, mp4 if supported widely enough now to just use that format: