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The tab is bugging out

  1. A tab feature got very buggy when I tried to fix it on the mobile version :: Vertical.
    I have attached screenshots that show how it looks on desktop, mobile portait, and mobile vertical

I am uncertain why it appears as it does on mobile vertical. Can you advise me on how to fix it?

Read only link is here -->

2. In addition, some of the tab items are a lighter blue color once they are clicked on.
I do not know how to change this effect. I want the tab to be a darker blue color when it is clicked on,
so that people know what tab item they are clicking on.

When they click over to the next tab item, the previously clicked tab item reverts back to the original color, which is a lighter blue.

I tried out messing with the hover and pressed states, but it did not work.
_This error happens for All devices. Image below: desktop version. _____________

Thank you,


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