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Tabs acting Wonky!

There are 5 items in this tab!

If you click on tab number 2, cat sits, then suddenly cat sits moves over to where tab item #1 was:
dog sits.

The tab just moves over to the left like 100 px, and dog sits replaces where cat sits was.

If you click on tab number 3, day sits, then suddenly cat sits and dog walking stack on top of each in a jumble of text.

I hope you can dive into the read only link, inspect the structuring of the tab, and help with a solution!

The tab is on the page titled ‘Home’.


Hi Elliot, I had a look but tbh it would take to long to explain. What i did notice is that you had your tabs absolutely positioned which isn’t necessary however the further i delved in the worse it got. Seriously though I know you have gone into a lot of effort and kudos to you but the structure of the site is atrocious. I think you have to learn the basics of the box model and follow the beginner tutorials and learn how to make the proper foundations or frameworks so to speak.

Read this

It will help you understand


I appreciate your tips, ive gone through that article and all the videos and gained some techniques to apply later.

Still, I need these tabs to be fixed, and i can’t figure out how. Can you explain how, even if you have to type for a minute? It would help a lot.

  1. You mentioned that absolute positioning for the Tabs is not necessary.
    I changed it to relative, and started changing the position of nearby elements.
    Can i just keep it absolute positioned?

  2. Any tips on how to fix the tabs?



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