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The Official Webflow Blog is here!

Hey guys,

Happy Wednesday! After many months of delays, we’ve finally released our official blog! You can check it out here:

Also, I’ve published some of my thoughts on where we see the future of web design heading in our first post: (I’d love to hear your thoughts or reactions in the comments.)

As a sneak peek, the blog was built fully in Webflow by @thesergie, including all the JavaScript interactions and effects. We’re working hard on getting that feature out to you more broadly, and hope to have a beta available this month.

That said, what kind of content would you like to see on our blog?



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the blog is awesome… cant wait to use on my site

@callmevlad love the blog! Can I be a beta tester for the blog feature? I have multiple clients that I could implement that on tomorrow.

@matthew1818 - the current blog is actually just a simple static Webflow site :smiley: If/when we have a beta for a more defined blog feature, we’ll let you guys know first!

Oh cool, 10-4! :smile: Thanks!