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The new market "Contemplate" template has an layout error in mobile

I noticed a new template up today and when I was testing it I noticed it renders funky in tablet mode and down with the dropdown menu. Just giving you guys a heads up so it can get fixed.

Sending a bat signal out to the awesome @Dario who created this template - can you please take a peek? Thanks!

Thank you, I didn’t see who designed it.

Hello @Rickk, thank you for your comment!

I just checked and found out that this funky render happens when you open the contact drawer in desktop mode and then resize the browser to mobile landscape (or small tablet). Is that what you did, right?

If you refresh the page, open the mobile menu and tap on “contact”, the navigation brings you to a dedicated contact page, that you can access only from mobile, and it’s rendered correctly.

The “contact” section is actually a symbol, present in every page, but visible only in desktop mode. In mobile it becomes display:none, and it’s visible only in the contact page. To make it visible, I added an “activator” interaction.

So honestly, I don’t know why the contact section doesn’t disappear in this specific case. But I also noticed that this bug happens only when you resize the browser from desktop to mobile landscape when this section is open. In every other case, it’s rendered correctly.

I wouldn’t know how to fix it with the tools available in Webflow (not that I would with plain code, but there should be a workaround). If you, or anyone, have any idea I’d be happy to hear it!


@Dario Why would you use a different symbol or even a page in mobile view? If you create this kind of interaction, showing social media links in either div blocks or in a row/column element, you are able to tweak the design in each responsive view, no? I’m pretty sure it’s an easy fix. But, then again I’m also pretty not totally sure. :blush:

The symbol is the same, it’s just showed on a different page in the mobile for usability reasons.

Maybe share a Public link to your template?

He can’t it’s on sale in the template store. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dario with that being said, I’ll do some testing tonight and see if there’s anything that can be fixed.