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The missing chart creator for Webflow

I saw my friends struggle to create and implement to charts to a website including webflow as well.

I built, no-code solution that solves this problem. You will be able to create chart and export to webflow in minutes.

Get your data ready

Import your data to the sheets, the letters will generate your chart label names and the numbers will create your data.


Customize your chart by choosing from different chart types, change chart title and chart colors to match your website colors.

Boom you have an interactive chart!

Add to webflow

Under the chart there is a clear guideline to add the chart to your website.

The process goes as follows:

  1. Copy and paste chart.js package into your HTML body.
  2. Insert the canvas to HTML
  3. Copy the generated javascript code and paste to your body in script tags.

Very cool Engjell!

A free tool that exports the real thing, no cloud or embed needed. i like it.

Thanks for posting here.

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This is amazing. Excel uploads next?

Hi @engjellsela , just tried your site but it doesn’t seem to be working. Tried signing up in two different browsers, nothing responds. And the sample chart also doesn’t show any bars… What’s the PRO price?