Charts implementation jQuery


I’m new with webflow and wonder someone can help me use on a new website? I think it is jQuery but I’m not a coder so really need some advice. Thanks. =)

It’s all javascript code that you’ll have to add to the Custom Code tab of your site and to <script> and <embed> tags. You’ll need to read their docs Chart.js | Documentation and see what you have to put where.

I’m totally not a coder so if you have time please advice more detailed what code I should past in Custom Code tabe and also the Embed section. Thanks a million. @thesergie

@thesergie already told you. Read documentation. Everything is said there. Step by step.

Yes, @bartekkustra but me and my colleague tried to add it but did not succeed because we are not programmers and do not have fully understanding for code so we kindly asked for help but understand if noone has time to help us.

If someone would like to describe in detailed how to implement it correct in webflow it would be highly appreciated.

Totally @Albin_W_rnel_v, it is not easy to figure out what goes where. It will take some time to explain. I’ll try to help when I find time.

Thank you very much @thesergie. Webflow too, team and forum is awesome.

Hello again @thesergie. I asked another employees and I think she solved it. Can you please take a look at the link so it is correct?

But we did not solve it to be animated when you scroll down which we want to give it a nice experience. We will try to look into that as well but if you have any answers about that it is much appreciated.

Seems to work. But it creates charts that are 1880px instead of 940px specified in the Embed code. This may be due to the //High pixel density displays portion doubling the width on my retina display.

I’d ask your coworker to see if there is anything in that section of the code you can cut out.
Also these charts aren’t responsive. Play with not including the width and height of the charts in the embed and instead adding width and height to separate embeds for each chart and see if that works across devices (where you can set different heights).