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The home page looks different between Safari and Chrome/Firefox

Hello, I am new to webflow and a green hand in html/css. This is my first project. The weird thing is that the home page layout does not look consistent across the browsers. The following first picture is how it looks in Chrome and Firefox, and the second is how it does in Safari. If I make it look good in Safari, then it will look messy in Chrome/Firefox. Can anyone advise me how to fix this? Thank you!!

Hello @Sienna_Sun

One question, are you designing in chrome?

Yes. I was…

ok, if that’s the case I would suggest to open your designer in Safari and design and make the flexbox adjustments there. For some reason Safari handles flexbox elements and style different than others browsers.

Apparently it’s fixed but I’ve found that sometimes the issue persists

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Thank you for the advice. If I design in Safari, would it make the site look “wrong”/different in Chrome?

Problem solved. Thank you for the help.

Hi,I have the same issue. Chrome looks great, home page pictures on safari are just all over the place. How do I go about doing a custom CSS for safari ?