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Chrome Vs Safari and responsive cascade

I have been working on this design the whole time from Safari.
I just happen to be on Chrome, doing something else and started to work on the site. I noticed my products page looks completely different in preview from one browser to the other.
Why is this and how is this resolved?

Also, yesterday I was trying to fix the view on the tablet and phone and when I was making adjustments it was affecting my desktop view. I thought this only cascaded from desktop down not the other way? What is happening there?

The last issue I’m having is on a pop up window on the product page. I’ve only worked on this on Safari. Anyway, made a wrapper and in preview on the trigger set up I see what will pop up when “disclaimer” is clicked but it doesn’t work when I preview the whole site. I made other successful pop ups on the IC page under “Who What How When”. I did the same exact thing and this one on the products page won’t work. Help please! As a matter of fact, everything got so messed up I had to delete my entire Nav bar on the home page because it will be easier to just lay it out again then it would have been to fix it on the desktop layout.

Please help!

Here is my public share link:


Hi @blockmediagroup, it looks like there is display flex set on the Body that are rendering differently in Chrome than in Safari. I would remove the classes on the body and go with the default styling for display on the body.

After removing the styles from the body, check and restyle the content on the page.

I hope this helps.

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