The content of a section is going outside of the section

Hello Everyone,

Newbie here.
The content of one of my sections in a collection page is going outside of the section’s vertical height:

As you can guess, the white container should be longer with more text content inside. The footer has no z-index and is on auto.

I have tried the following things:

  • Move the footer down a bit under relative -> then the fixed backgroind image of the section stops and blank space starts, where the container is still on top of it

  • Add bottom padding and margin to the container -> the container just becomes longer and goes under the footer.

  • Move the container up with relative -> it goes under the navbar

Please help, as I didn’t find any solutions in this forum and am stuck, maybe I don’t describe the problem well enough.

Thank you in advance!

Hello @stephgeorgiev

Can you share your read only link? Here’s a quick explanation


Yeah, totally didn’t knew what that was, I also edited the main post.

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Right now I don’t see the problem you’re talking about

Everything works fine. I removed the 100VH height from the home section because the content is larger.


Oh my, it was that simple.
I got it, working with percentages from now on, Auto also does the work though.

Thanks a lot!

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The 100VH from the home section is causing the problem. Here’s another shot from the Kilimanjaro post with height set to auto.

Here’s a shot from the same post, but with height set to 100VH

The content is larger and 100VH is causing the problem.