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The BG color in the mobile portrait doesn't show as it is

Hi, I have a problem with my site.

For the background color of the site, I made a gradient (bg image - white - bg image) when I test it in the mobile option, it shows the background as it is, but, when I see it in a cell phone, it doesn’t show a gradient at the end… just a white color.

Here it is the [site] Webflow - Portfolio
Do you have any idea what is causing this? Thank you!

Welcome to the community @Angie_Natalia!

I’m seeing the gradient just fine on my personal device (Android running Chrome)—what device/browser are you noticing the issue on?

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Oh really? I have tried it on android too with two different devices…

Ah okay my apologies, you were talking about the gradient at the lower part of the screen not fading back to the background image. I am seeing that on my device as well but I’m not really sure why.

Would you mind trying to remove the gradients (so the background is shown across the whole page) and republishing to see what it looks like on mobile? This may help better show what may be happening with the background image lower down the page.