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Mobile Background Image

I finished designing my website, but when I view it on my phone, an iphone 11, and scroll to the bottom I notice a white background.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Are you just previewing it on your browser? If so I think its just adding white at the end of your content, but may not show up on your phone.

Its doing this because the header will stay as small as possible and push everything up to the top inside of it. The section below it youve set the size to min 47 viewer height (vh) so its also shrinking to fit content to that extent. If you just want your background to stretch all the way, add it to the body. You can add as many colour points into a gradient as you like.

Also you can look into using flexbox to lay your content out in a bit more responsive way.

I’m viewing it in another window, but after I added the background to the body I tried many combinations after opening the background window . It’s still effecting the mobile