The basics of "Display Settings"

Basics of using Display Settings to manipulate layout?

I am a beginning web designer who is familiar with basic web layout formatting, but I am having problems getting my elements to go where I want them…

I have already watched the excellent tutorial videos, but I am looking for something a little more in-depth… They make it look SO easy!!!

So a video tutorial on element layout and how they interact with each other would be greatly appreciated!

This article might help you out :smile:

Thanks @PixelGeek! But maybe something a little more hands-on?

I was watching the tutorial course on how the was made, and there was a specific part I really didn’t understand…

It was after he inserted the screenshot into the “hero” section, and then proceeded to add the gradient-filled “sign up” section.

I really didn’t understand why he had to set the hero section to relative, and the bar had to be absolute to the bottom…

Don’t really get the concept… some explanation would be much appreciated!! thx in advance!

At one point there was this website being circulated on webflow which had a great explanation of positioning…display etc. Don’t know where it went.